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Anonymous asked How much has been donated so far? I can't put in much (sorry) but once my paycheck comes in I can help!

There has been over five hundred raised. I’m really grateful for all of it, you have no idea. I keep repeating that but I have no words to express it. Oh gosh, you seriously are an angel. 

I’m sorry to all my Naruto roleplay followers, I’ve been just spamming you all over Minnie’s condition and my problems. I’ve moved her over to a separate blog for updates. Click here. My mother’s going to be helping me run it along with a friend and my boyfriend. That way those who want to be updated about her will get all the notifications rather than me spam all of you.

You guys are the best fandom and the reason Minnie’s getting the help she needed. I’m going to make some free icon posts when Minnie’s a bit better along with myself. [I forfeited my doctors appointment for Minnie’s.]

Just so you know, I also read all the messages sent and try to reply as best as I can. Along with the tags on the post reblogged.

I can’t accept any of the donations for two to three business days. Thank you paypal.

She’s still going in tomorrow and my father’s going to pay but i’m going to pay him back once I can get the money transferred. 

Anonymous asked Could you give us an idea of how much you've raised for Minnie vs how much you still need for a vet visit? (Most docs will give a ballpark estimate if you call them & explain the situation.)

So far it’s at $300, it’s usually about $60 to visit the vet. I don’t know what they’ll do and seeing as she was found in a dumpster they may very well end up doing a ton of tests. I’m probably going to use about maybe $35 on finding a good kitten formula for her [one the vet suggests]. All the money, if I get more than what’s needed, will be used all for Minnie. If she’s really sick, it could be multiple vet visits which cost $60 dollars per visit. If it’s not too bad, I will use part of the money on her vaccinations and neuter scooter [to be spaded]. That way she doesn’t get something super life threatening to her and my other cats [i.e. feline luekima(sp)]. I asked this morning when I called in how much it would be but it’s not the vet running the front desk, it’s secretaries. They don’t know how much this or that’ll cost. Worst case scenario, she might have to have surgery on her eye(s) and stay there for a while.

My mother knows the vet we’re going to tomorrow [they couldn’t get us in today] and usually this vet will haggle with you over prices. They try their hardest for it to not be too expensive. When I took in my cat Snickers, she ended up having have her luekima shot / test, a poop sample, and she got dewormer and a medicine for her ears [she itches a lot]. It cost $210 dollars for all of that and when my mother took my other kitten, it was almost just as expensive. Vet bills are insane. I haven’t accepted the paypals yet because I do not have a bank account routing number or account number memorized so after today I will have accepted them. 

I really am the type of person to hate asking for money but it was the only way I could get my dad into taking her. My parents are the type that don’t think it’s bad till it’s deathly. My mom listens to my dad and won’t haggle with him, and my dad’s a bit of a hard ass. Please understand that I know it’s horrible to be asking for money, I couldn’t sleep last night because of it. I cried everytime I got an email saying someone donated, you have no idea how grateful I am for all of you.

Anonymous asked you should be able to drop the cat off at a shelter especially if you know its no kill.

If she gets well enough I may end up adopting her out myself. I’m less worried that way that she’ll find a good owner. Though I’m doubtful my dad will let me give her away now, she’s become his cat. He salvaged his bed for her cause when he was asleep she crawled up the bed spread at the end and curled up on his chest / leg all night purring.

If you want to keep track of Minnie track the tag “Minnieminis”. I know a few of you asked me to keep you updated. If you message me again I’ll save your urls. I’m sorry I didn’t keep them I was a bit panicked last night.

Right now she’s doing well, she pooped and ate (it’s wet food so she’s getting water at the same time). Her nose is still really stuffed and my mother woke up at 2:30 am for work and cleaned her eyes in the mean time. She’s still got them crusted. She’s going to call the vet at 7:30 to schedule an appointment.

You guys are truly amazing you raised almost $300. You have no idea how greatful I am. You’re the reason they’re allowing me to take her in this morning. I’m going to be making those who donated some graphics and icons if they’re roleplay blogs. I’m going to try and reply to asks but I’m on mobile at the moment so no promises.

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I’m going into the bank tomorrow to file the estatement thing. I don’t have my bank account connected to my paypal yet due to me never having had a check from the bank or deposit slip. To those who donated, I’m not sure who you are other than your names I will give you anything you want. You have no idea how much it means to me.

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a quick dr. haruno because i’m in love with older sakura’s hair
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Girls getting ready

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